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At RihaTech we are a team of young, passion-driven and creative people who aim to deliver world class solutions for all you web designing and development needs.We create meaningful brands digital experiences staring from Domain Registration to Website Designing and finally Website Hosting for all small, medium and large entrepreneurs all over the globe.

We at RihaTech offers software development services for a wide variety of verticals and business domains. Whether you are a startup or if you are a established business, we will be happy to begin a work relationship with you to bring out the Best of the Quality Services for you.Offering cost effective and quick solutions to our clients, we work with a right attitude and thus execute complex IT based projects. Our young team and highly experienced managers have potential knowledge and readily accept challenges to offer optimum services.

Mission & Vision

Mission: “Is to exceed the clients’ expectations and deliver a service that is unparalleled” Our Mission is to provide innovative, practical and premium products that save time and improve the laboratory efficiency. We believe our first responsibility is to the laboratory personnel who use our products.Our strong financial position will enable us to become the market leader for Website Design and Web Application Development.

Vision: “Our Vision is to be Provide "high valued and quality based software service provider” to Our clients". To create innovative products and services that offer ultimate solutions to resolve public needs. To accomplish our objectives by housing best minds to deliver finest solutions that demonstrate our quality to our client.”

Business Model

RihaTech utilizes time tested and perfect business models to effectively deliver solutions in line with client necessities. We follow only the best strategies and policies to offer the right business models for our diverse range of clients. Sometimes, clients do not have a picture of the right business model in their minds. At this juncture, we recommend the right business model after we carefully inspect the strategy required to execute the project, the resources needed to allot to the project and the amount of time that will be spent on it. Accordingly, we advise the client to utilize one of the following models.

Predetermined Price Approach: If the system requirements are clearly defined at the outset, then this is the ideal option that can be taken up by the client. At RihaTech, we quote a specific price within which we carry out the entire project development.

Time and Material Approach: Sometimes, it happens that the client is not sure or it is not so easy to define the scope and the specification of the project at the initial phase. In this case, the time and material approach becomes the right option. Under this option, the client pays according to the number of man-hours that are put into the project.

Offshore Hire Approach: We are fair and honest in all our interactions.

Respect: Sometimes, when the client is overseas or if we work for a development center abroad, then we utilize this approach. At RihaTech, we retain an entire team of software professionals and IT specialists who will work on an independent basis for offshore clients.


At RihaTech, we take pride in being a liberal yet disciplined and coherent web development and design company. We have successfully managed and delivered diverse solutions for numerous information technology projects in the past and continue to do so even today.

Understanding needs: Our first step is to understand the specific needs of the clients so that we can develop the project exactly in line with their specifications. At this stage, the client briefs us with the exact project requirements. We remain in constant touch with our clients so that we are able to completely understand their requirements. At this stage, we also provide a preliminary estimate to our clients indicative of the project costs.

Analysis and conception of technical scheme: After this is done, we undertake a thorough analysis of our client’s requirements. These requirements are carefully studied and a technical scheme of the requirements is conceived.

Development of the solution: This is followed by creation of the prototype of the software required. The client evaluates this prototype and gives us critical inputs on the development of the project. After obtaining the client’s feedback, we begin the conversion of the prototype into a full-scale solution.

Testing and Implementation: Once we develop your solution, we begin the testing phase. We utilize a number of sophisticated testing methods to detect bugs and other errors to provide you with an error free solution. Finally, we launch the client’s solution which involves various processes like setting up of the hosting infrastructure, fine tuning the solution and providing post deployment support.

Our Process

At RihaTech, we use a straightforward and effectual process in our web development effort. We place a priority on listening to your requirements and developing solutions to aptly meet your business needs. The end result is a quality based solution that perfectly aligns with your business goals.

Project Planning: At this stage, we study the initial requirements of the client and form a preliminary idea of the project to be developed. We study the business model of the client and conduct an analysis to study initial requirements. At this stage, we present the client with a blueprint of how the project is intended to proceed. This consists of providing site maps, discussing intended target audience, website theme, technology to be implemented and so on.

Project Design: Our team reviews the project designs to be implemented and informs the client about the same. If needed, we prepare a demo or mock-up version of the project and present it to the client for comments. This feedback is implemented in the next phase. We don’t move forward till the client is completely satisfied with the design aspects of the project.

After the project development phase is completed, the project enters the quality assurance phase in which we methodically ensure that the work we have done comes up to industry established quality norms. We have an established process in which our work is checked for reliability and correctness. We ensure that our work meets the necessary requirements for its intended use. All problems are looked into and systematically corrected before the project is taken to the next phase.

Testing and Deployment: Our technology team will test each component and module of the project and ensure that it works properly. We will detect any errors in the application and correct it accordingly. This is followed by deployment which includes elements like hosting and making the project available to the end user.

Project Delivery: The project is finally made live and delivered to the client. We also take care of post live issues like site updating and providing change management solutions should technologies change in the future and you would like newer technologies to be implemented in your existing projects.

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